What happens if you never visit a dentist?

It is almost impossible to keep your teeth and gums healthy without having a regular dental checkup at the clinic of a reliable dentist. A dental professional can give better advice on how often you should visit your dentist depending on the disease or problem your gums and teeth are faced with. In the case of gum disease, you must do what your dentist asks you to do.

If you are sure you have no problems with your gums and teeth, you still need to visit your dentist at least once every six months. It is a general estimation; however, you need to follow your dentist's advice. A regular dental visit can help you keep your teeth healthy and improve your overall health, too. Do not forget that your overall & physical healths are intimately connected to each other.

There are two stages that you have to undergo as part of a regular dental checkup at a dentist clinic. The first stage is the examination or checkup of your teeth and gums, and the other part is about oral prophylaxis where your teeth will be professionally cleaned. A regular dental visit is nothing but the name of these two steps you need to follow.

Early detection of cavities is very important in order to avoid complications down the road. Checking for cavities will remove any doubts even if you have no cavities. This is about the best you can expect from a good, professional dentist.

So, there is no need to wonder what is going to happen if you visit a dentist and if you do not visit the clinic ever. Visiting the clinic means you want to keep your teeth even in your advanced years. Not visiting the clinic means you are going to risk your overall health as it is connected with your dental health.